Robots also have to learn!

And our little robot named Rookie likes nothing more than that. Curious, open and friendly he explores his world and meets new friends, discovers new things and experiences little adventures in each episode.

Whether mouse, moon, magic or music: 
The simple and charming stories entertain with wit and joie de vivre – and a cheeky twist. 

ROOKIE ROBOT    Explores the World  Season 1 

26 Episodes | 3 minutes each | Preschool

Created and produced by SINE LEGE FILM
in cooperation with LEISS Postproduction  

Rookie will be back! 


With Season 2 on the way you can find Rookie now on Instagram - check out Rookie's account for fun posts, clips, updates and sneak peaks of season 2!


Rookie Robot is a cartoon series for preschoolers. 
All characters and stories are based on original kids drawings - and let's be honest: Who could know better? 

Rookie Robot Explores the World 

TRAILER  Season 1 

Our friend Rookie explores his world, meets new friends and experiences little adventures in 26 short episodes of 3 minutes each. 

Rookie's encounters focus on friendliness, openness and empathy, but also perseverance, respect and patience – and with each episode Rookie gets to know his world a little better.