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Since Rookie Robot is a cartoon series for preschoolers, the little robot and all of his friends are based on original kids’ drawings – because let's be honest: Who could know better?

With no spoken dialogue, Rookie's adventures are brought to life through visuals, music and sound design.

Rookie Robot is a hero


the team: nadia_mira_ella

At Rookie Robot Studio, we believe in the power of imagination and creativity. The team behind Rookie Robot is made up of passionate and talented individuals who bring their unique skills to every little detail, creating a show that is both fun to watch and educational - believing in the power of cartoon, telling stories in visuals, music and sounds. With a focus on simplicity and fun as well as friendliness and respect, we strive to bring joy and laughter to our young audiences everywhere.

Creating sound and music

Some people might think that it is all about pretty pictures of Rookie, lovely colors and cool motion graphics. But there is another aspect of animation that is determining: Sound and music!


Let’s gooooo … enjoy the step-by-step audio feeling of a Rookie episode!

Original Art

Rookie Robot is one of a kind – created by kids for kids!


All cartoon characters are developed from kids line drawings. Take a look at the original drawing next to the final version of the character in the show, bringing a child´s world to life through hand-drawn illustration and animation.

Rookie Robot is dancing

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